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All Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm honey is Pure, Local Texas, Unfiltered and Raw Honey – just the way nature intended! Since it is unfiltered, it retains all the pollen, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and beneficial enzymes. Since our natural honey is never heated (raw honey), all its natural enzymes remain intact, retaining the natural health-enhancing attributes that many look for in their wildflower honey in addition to great flavor. Heating honey over a certain amount (to Pasteurization temperature of 161°F) will kill its healthy enzymes, something we never do!

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Truly Local Raw Honey for Sale from Bee Wilde

Our Texas wildflower honey is truly local and only available in limited amounts. The honey bees remain stationary and forage only on the flowers within three miles of their hive. Once cured, this honey is harvested in micro batches and extracted immediately to retain the flavors of the flowers in the area and the season in which it is harvested. When the honey is gathered from flowers throughout Montgomery County, Harris County and Waller County (as ours is), it will be harvested and labeled as “local honey”. If harvested from a floral source elsewhere, it will be harvested separately from our locally produced honey and labeled this way (like our Texas Huajilla Honey (aka Guajillo Honey). Since the best honey is like fine wine, micro batch honey allows you to taste the different flavors of honey from different floral sources. If you are looking for local honey this helps you find the batch that is closest to you.

Bee Wilde Produces and Sells ONLY Our Honey!

Typically, most honey today is produced and packaged by different companies. At Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm, we control the entire process and do everything under one roof! We are proud to raise our own honeybees, harvest the honey, and sell it directly to our customers in its most natural and raw form.

Keeping our bees healthy to keep them happy and productive.

Many honey producers feed sugar or other nectar to their bees. We let our bees eat their honey first. This means Bee Wilde honey is sold only after the bees have enough to eat for themselves. What we sell is truly excess honey. We do not remove honey to feed bees sugar instead. Occasionally, we will feed struggling hives sugar if they are starving or can’t forage enough for themselves but this is only during non-honey production and would never occur during a flow of nectar or, during honey “season”. This means that our bees our healthier. We hope that means they are happier too. We can’t tell from any conversations with them, but their activity is higher, and their honey production is higher.With increasing interest in the treatment of farm production animals and providing them better working environments, we think it is our obligation at every level to accommodate our honey bees.

Beeswax Pillar Candles 4 inch from Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm

Beeswax Pillar Candles

Beeswax Votive Candles - Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm

Beeswax Votive Candles

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Beeswax Taper Candles

Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm Beeswax Tea Lights

Beeswax Tea Lights

Candle Connoisseurs Know: Pure Beeswax Candles are Best!

. . . and pure beeswax candles from Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm are best of the best! Beeswax candles have been the choice of candle connoisseurs through the ages, bringing a simple, natural elegance to all occasions. When you buy a Bee Wilde beeswax candle, you can trust that you are buying the cleanest possible beeswax from our colonies of bees. We only use beeswax that we have harvested in our candle production; we never buy wax from other sources. Our quality guarantee begins with control of the entire process, including the honey bees and nectar gathering. (read more below).

More about Bee Wilde's Beeswax Candles

Naturally Aromic, Non-Toxic, Non-Allergenic, Actually Cleans the air when burning.

Beeswax is 100% natural and a renewable resource.No other wax can compare to the luxurious quality and natural beauty and most of all the purity of solid beeswax candles.

Providing the Ultimate in Candlelight

The high melting and burning temperature of beeswax results in exceptionally long burn with a steady, healthy sized flame that radiates a spectrum of light that matches the sun.

Quality Beeswax Candles Begin with the Best Beeswax & Cotton Wicks

All Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm beeswax candles are made from only the “cappings” that the bees seal the honeycomb with. Other beekeepers may melt down old dark comb but we ONLY USE CAPPINGS for our candles. During the extraction of the honey, the cappings are cut off of the sealed honycomb.The cappings are washed with clean water and melted.All of our candles are made with PURE COTTON WICKS.Bee Wilde does not use commercial style wicking that has been treated with chemicals or wicks that have metal in the center to hold the wick straight.

Burning Your Candles

Beeswax is a very hard wax, the longer you burn your candle at each sitting, the better it will perform.Pillars are not recommended if you only light your candle for short periods of time. If you only burn candles for short periods, use a beeswax tea light or votive for those occasions instead.

Once you burn a beeswax candle from Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm, nothing will ever compare!

Learn More: Making Beeswax Candles at Bee Wild Bee & Honey Farm

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Bee WIlde is our term that best describes the way we feel about our honey and our bees. Our apiary began as a hobby with a few hives almost 20 years ago and continues to grow, check out more about us at Bee Wilde.

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Our colonies of honeybees ARE the business without them… None of this would be possible. Check out more on our bees and how we create the best wilde honey in South Texas.

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