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Texas Huajilla Honey from Bee Wilde

Texas Huajilla Honey is a wild brushy shrub that grows in sandy but rocky soil and shallow ridge sites exclusively in south Texas and the very southern portion of the Texas Hill Country. We are honored to make this special honey on a family owned ranch. This ranch was paid for using income from the sale of the prized Huajilla honey made on this working ranch that was established in 1897. Today, the ranch is a working grass fed cattle ranch and is still lush with wilde Huajilla.

The Huajilla nectar is collected by bees to make a white or a very light amber honey, and is probably the lightest-colored and highest quality honey produced in Texas. Huajilla honey has a very mild rich flavor, and is famous for its excellent quality and pleasing aroma. It tends to granulate (thicken) rather quickly but is very nice when used as a spread. Once you try Huajilla, you’ll remember it forever! Reed’s Huajilla honey is minimally processed, unfiltered, not heated and absolutely raw and is best kept in that manner, simply store at room temperature. We are proud of this year’s 2012 Huajilla crop and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it for you!

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