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Pure Raw Honey, another way to say “Bee Wilde Honey”.

Pure raw honey is the most original sweet liquid that honeybees produce from the concentrated nectar of flowers. The same bees produce all types of honey, but the terms applied to honey, such as raw, pure and natural, are somewhat complicated and can be used by honey sellers in purposely confusing ways. Both pure and natural honey can sometimes also be raw, but neither has to be, while raw honey is typically both pure and natural, but doesn’t have to be. Although those definitions sound convoluted, you can think of the honey types in this way: Natural honey means no artificial additives; Pure honey means no additives at all (artificial or natural), so ‘pure’ includes natural, natural won’t always be ‘pure’; Raw honey means no additives or processing (unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized). This is the honey you get when you choose the Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm brand!

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Local Texas Raw Honey from Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm

LOCALLY PRODUCED - TEXAS WILDFLOWER HONEY - TOTALLY RAW HONEY - ABSOLUTELY UNFILTERED - PURE HONEY - MADE BY OUR HONEY BEES! That is what we proudly produce AT Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm in Montgomery, Texas, and other locations we travel to in south Texas. Our honey is always local, wild and raw. Raw honey is made from nectar that comes from natural wildflowers, and other wild plants, vegetation and native growth. The production of wildflower honey is the way honey bees have provided food for man since biblical times and is an important dietary addition. Bee Wilde owner Kenny Reed personally selects pieces of land that are far from subdivisions, neighborhoods, traffic and people! "I specifically look for land that is not manicured; land which is kept in a wild state with lots of native flora." This natural, mostly native vegetation (youpon, wildflowers, rattan, honeysuckle, privet, Chinese tallow, horsemint, goldenrod and many others) produces a truly amazing natural honey that is a myriad of many different wild nectars (and pollens) that assists, supports and strengthens your immune system. Bee Wilde pure raw honey may ease or even erase symptoms of pollen related allergies (see Health Benefits of Honey.

Most importantly, we NEVER buy honey for resale. "If we don't produce it, we don't sell it." Kenny says, "We proudly produce every drop of honey we sell and sell every drop we produce!" Some honey producers choose to buy and resell honey. I simply won't do it. I know without a shadow of a doubt just how my honey bees are cared for and treated, and how our honey is handled. You simply don't know those important things if you buy honey from other producers. Wendy and I have worked extremely hard in building an honest, respected, and ethical reputation that is the foundation for our business - I would never do anything to jeopardize my standards...plain and simple." Because of the care, quality and commitment that we've established over many years, our honey and products are sought after. Nothing is ever added or removed from the honey we produce!

Bee Wilde's Guarantee to You:

To provide the best pure raw honey that is always minimally processed, unfiltered and unpasteurized (not heated).