Making Beeswax Candles at Bee Wild Bee & Honey Farm

Making Beeswax Candles at Bee Wild Bee & Honey Farm

Making Beeswax Candles at Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm

Beeswax Taper Candles - Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm

Whether its making beeswax candles or making the best local raw honey in Texas, at Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm we are committed to all of the things it takes to keep a bee farm running. We are obsessed with our honey bees and all of the good things that come from the hive. Our bees are number one. As we say around here, they are “the business”, and our beeswax candles are a direct reflection of how we care for the bees.

Here at our Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm in the great state of Texas… we do it all. There is a saying that we use here in Texas, “GO BIG OR GO HOME!”, and that is how we do things. It’s our nature and who we are, so at Bee Wilde, we are all in on quality when it comes to all of the products we produce.

Making Beeswax Candles with Capping Wax

All beeswax used in making beeswax candles by Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm is only the finest wax from the hive, called cappings. These cappings are the paper thin, very fine, ultra pure cover that the bees use to seal a honey-filled cell. This cover seals, protects and preserves the honey in each cell on a frame of honeycomb.

During honey extraction, the cappings are cut off so the honey can flow out of the honeycomb. That cut off portion (the capping) is the only wax we use to produce Bee Wilde Beeswax Candles, or other products like our bulk beeswax. This is the most pure and the newest wax that the bees have produced. It is by far the finest wax obtainable for making beeswax candles. In a sense, it is “virgin beeswax”.

Beeswax Votive Candles - Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm

Our Beeswax Candles Made ONLY with Bee Wilde Beeswax

What we do differently is that we keep all of the “primo” capping wax that we produce ourselves, so we know exactly where the bees were, how they were treated (no chemicals) and how the wax has been handled. We NEVER buy beeswax, we only use the wax that our honeybees produce for us at Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm in Texas!

During honey extracting, the capping’s are cut off and rinsed with water. This process keeps the capping from being stained from the honey and pollen and, keeps the color of the wax AMAZING!

Honey Season Ends, Beeswax Candlemaking Season Begins

At the end of honey season, we melt all of the raw beeswax and pour it into tubs which gives us lots of big, uniformed sized blocks to stack and store until ready to use. Each big block weighs around 27 lbs. When we are ready to make candles, these blocks are gently and carefully melted and filtered by hand through cloth. Beeswax for candles must be filtered to remove pollen, propolis, and honey. If these remain in the wax the candle will not burn properly. Even though the wax is filtered, the sweet aroma of nectar, blossoms, wild grasses and wild herbs, wild citrus and wild berries still remain and are still present in the wax.

Quality Capping Wax Means Consistent Candle Color

The color of our beeswax candles will not vary in color too much because we only use the capping wax but, sometimes one candle may be a bit more yellow or one may be a bit less gold… one thing is for sure…the color will always be beautiful and NEVER white or brown.

2-Wick Beeswax Pillar Candles - Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm

Beeswax Pouring & Filtering Process

Once the wax is melted and clarified, we begin the slow and methodical pouring process. Some candle molds require a quick pour, some a slow and steady pour but one thing is for sure, we take our time in getting this part of making beeswax candles right. All of our candles are hand poured into molds of all sizes with lots of care and our commitment of purity. Nothing is ever added to our beeswax candles, no color, no scent, no chemicals, no bleaches, nothing… EVER!

100% Pure Cotton Wicking

One other important addition to our candles other than the wax we use is the wick. We are committed to using only 100% pure cotton wicking. Sometimes commercial candle companies use commercially, mass-produced wicks. These wicks may be chemically treated and may contain an inner core of metal, paper or wood so the wicks stand tall and erect during burning. The use of these wicks is not acceptable for a Bee Wilde Beeswax Candle. A Bee Wilde beeswax candle should burn bold & bright; the flame should match the light spectrum of the sun. The flame should be very noticeable and not an under whelming glow that barely stays lit.

We are committed to producing the most pure, simple, clean and healthy beeswax candle, delivered from our farm to your home with lots of care and our personal commitment to quality. At Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm, our candles are a direct reflection of how we care for the bees and everything that we make from the hive.

Bee Wilde Beeswax Candles: Pillars, Tapers, Tea Lights, Votives