Local Honey for Allergies

Local Honey for Allergies - Health Benefits of Honey articl by Bee Wilde

Local Honey for Allergies

Among the benefits of eating raw honey, use of local honey for allergies is a growing trend as more health-conscious persons discover its attributes. Unfiltered, raw honey is a great antioxidant that is antibacterial, antifungal and has anti-allergenic properties.

A tablespoon a day keeps the sneezing away!

Many seasonal allergy sufferers find relief by consuming one tablespoon of unfiltered and raw local honey for allergies. “Local” honey is defined as being produced within a 75 mile radius of the allergy sufferer’s home. This practice of consuming local honey is a popular natural remedy that has been practiced for years. The time to start eating local honey for allergies is not at the onset of the allergy symptoms; the time is before the symptoms start.

The most simple way to begin is to incorporate a tablespoon of raw, unfiltered and local honey into your daily routine all year long. Some persons add the honey to their morning coffee or tea, others use it in oatmeal or in yogurt. Of course, raw, unfiltered, local honey tastes great by itself!

Most importantly, start using your favorite local honey for allergies today!

The science behind the using local honey for allergies is that honeybees are furry little critters who collect pollen and nectar from flowers. When the honey is harvested by the beekeeper the boxes of honeycomb also contain the pollen that the bees have collected. During the extraction process the pollen and honey mix together during the spinning process. If the honey is left unheated and is not filtered that honey contains safe levels of helpful pollens. The belief is that unfiltered, raw honey from local sources will contain enough pollen that, if eaten each day, will desensitize the body’s reaction to seasonal allergies and will strengthen the immune system. It may take some time, but it really can be very effective (and again, it taste’s great).

Local Texas Wildflower Honey from Bee Wilde

Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm’s local Texas Wildflower honey is made throughout areas of Harris, Montgomery, Waller and Fort Bend counties in south Texas. If you live in this area, and suffer from pollen allergies, you should consider our local honey for allergies.
Our Texas Wildflower Honey is made of rich floral blends of wild and native blossoms. Always unfiltered and raw (unheated), Bee Wilde’s local Texas wildflower honey is extremely valuable to individuals in these areas who suffer from allergies due to seasonal, local pollen-related allergies.

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