Where to Find Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm Products

Many food stores and restaurants offer Bee Wilde honey and other products. There are also others who use our honey in producing their own recipes or products. Select a “marker” below for information about where these discriminating businesses can be found!

Click a marker in the honey locator for information about the location. Enter your address and pick a business from the Get Route drop down menu for detailed directions to that location.

Using our Honey Locator Map

Restaurants, Food Stores & Other Outlets

Bee Wilde Honey - Local Honey Montgomery TxBeehives indicate restaurants and shops that offer our honey, beauty products, candles or other products.

Food & Beverage Producers

Bee Wilde Honey - Local Honey Montgomery TxHoney dippers show food and beverage producers that use our honey as an ingredient in the production of their products.

If you are looking for a specific size jar, or product, you should call ahead to verify which sizes and products they offer.

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