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Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm offers ‘Honey Recipes’ as a guide to cooking with honey, including tips for substituting honey for sugar, and recipes for honey syrup, jams and jellies, date bread, rice pudding, muffins, and bread. Cooking with honey and food or beverage preparation with honey make sense because of honey’s natural sweetness. Health conscious persons use honey to eliminate processed sugar or artificial sweeteners. Others use honey in food, beverage and condiment preparation because it tastes great. Whether you are looking for honey recipes for health or taste, we hope you’ll use Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm’s website as a growing source of information on this increasingly popular topic.

Honey Sweetened Hot Chocolate

Honey Sweetened Hot Chocolate - Bee Wilde Local Honey

Honey Sweetened Hot Chocolate Many traditional cocoa mixes are sweetened with refined sugar and/or corn syrup, a mixture of sugar and artificial sweetener, or just the latter. Instead, reach for something that provides natural sweetness with other beneficial properties. Organic honey is our favorite and is a great healthy choice for hot chocolate, providing many […]