LOCALLY PRODUCED - TEXAS WILDE - TOTALLY RAW - ABSOLUTELY UNFILTERED - REAL HONEY - MADE BY OUR HONEYBEES! That is what we proudly produce. It's local, wilde & raw. Wilde honey is made from nectar that comes from natural wilde plants, vegetation and native growth. The production of wilde honey is the way honeybees have provided food for man since biblical times and is an important dietary addition. Kenny personally selects pieces of land that are far from subdivisions, neighborhoods, traffic and people! "I specifically look for land that is not manicured, land which is kept in a wilde state with lots of native flora." This natural, mostly native vegetation (youpon, wildflowers, rattan, honeysuckle, privet, chinese tallow, horsemint, goldenrod and many others) produces a truly amazing honey that is a myriad of many different wilde nectars (and pollens) that assists, supports and strengthens your immune system and may ease or even erase symptoms of pollen related allergies. Our honey is always raw, minimally processed, unfiltered and un-pasteurized (not heated).

Most importantly, we NEVER buy honey for resale. "If we don't produce it, we don't sell it." Kenny says, "we proudly produce every drop of honey we sell and sell every drop we produce!" Some honey producers choose to buy and resell honey... I simply won't do it. I know without a shadow of a doubt just how my bees are cared for & treated and, how our honey is handled... you simply don't know those important things if you buy honey from other producers. "Wendy and I have worked extremely hard in building an honest, respected, and ethical reputation that is the foundation for our business - I would never do anything to jeopardize my standards...plain and simple." Because of the care, quality and commitment that we've established over many years, our honey and products are sought after. Nothing is ever added or removed from the honey we produce!

Local, Wilde & Raw - It Tastes Great!

For larger sizes or quantities, that may not appear on our website, please email us!

2011 HONEY UPDATE - We currently have 2 types of honey available this year. All honey was produced by our bees.

LOCALLY PRODUCED, LOCAL WILDE-FLOWER HONEY - Produced during the Summer of 2011 in rural areas of Harris, Montgomery and Waller counties. A myriad of many wilde & native nectars, a full bodied honey that is full of pollen that supports and strengthens your immune system. This honey may relieve and may completely erase symptoms of pollen related allergies.

PURE SWEET WILDE YELLOW CLOVER HONEY - Produced during the late Summer of 2011. As the Texas drought became more severe during the Summer months - some of our bees were sent north to the rural wilde fields of sweet yellow clover - not produced in Texas. A very special honey, pale yellow to almost clear in color, very mild tasting. Pure clover honey is what some say is the finest honey in the world!!!
All of our honey is produced by our bees and always sold raw & unfiltered!
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Local Wilde

WILDE TEXAS HUAJILLA (pronounced "Wa-Hee-Ya")
Huajilla is a wild brushy shrub that grows in sandy but rocky soil and shallow ridge sites exclusively in south Texas and the very southern portion of the Texas Hill Country. We are honored to make this special honey on a family owned ranch. This ranch was paid for using income from the sale of the prized Huajilla honey made on this working ranch that was established in 1897. Today, the ranch is a working grass fed cattle ranch and is still lush with wilde Huajilla.
The Huajilla nectar is collected by bees to make a white or a very light amber honey, and is probably the lightest-colored and highest quality honey produced in Texas. Huajilla honey has a very mild rich flavor, and is famous for its excellent quality and pleasing aroma. It tends to granulate (thicken) rather quickly but is very nice when used as a spread. Once you try Huajilla, you’ll remember it forever! Reed’s Huajilla honey is minimally processed, unfiltered, not heated and absolutely raw and is best kept in that manner, simply store at room temperature. We are proud of this year’s 2012 Huajilla crop and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it for you!
Wilde South Texas Nectar - Truly a rare and very special honey

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This raw, wilde honeycomb will bring back memories of being a kid! Some say that honeycomb has abundant enzymes that are super healthy and important for allergy support. Try it and see!

Many restaurants now serve a beautiful slice of comb honey with cheese plates, fresh & locally produced goat cheese, fresh fruits, over fresh grilled fish, or spread over a toasted, warm piece of artisan bread. YUM!!!!! Honey comb not only looks beautiful but tastes wonderful and is very nutritious too.

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Local Wilde


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