Beeswax Uses Around The House

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Beeswax Uses Around The House

When most people think of beeswax they think of candles and a variety of beauty products. You may be surprised to learn that there are many other uses for pure beeswax around your home.

1. Never Buy Plastic Wrap Again!
Beeswax Food Wraps are economical because they are reusable and long lasting. Beeswax is relatively inexpensive and colorful fabric can be purchased off the sale or remnant table. You can also keep it clean by using organic cotton fabric.

2. Protect Your Garden Tools
Beeswax naturally prevents rust. Apply a coating of beeswax to your garden hand tools and shovels to prevent them from rusting. The beeswax can even be used on the wooden handles to slow the natural wear and tear process.

23. Coat Your Baking Pans
Pure natural beeswax can be used to grease pans, cookie sheets and baking molds instead of using butter or oil. To achieve easier spreading you should warm up your pans or baking sheets slightly and spread the beeswax block over the baking surface. Over time, this method will create a lasting coat of wax on the pan, which will eliminate the need to grease the surface every time.

4. Iron Cleaner
Most clothing purchased today is considered wash and wear, but if you still own an iron beeswax will keep it bright and shiny. With use, your iron can become scorched and have a residue or build-up. Beeswax makes the perfect chemical free iron cleaner.

5. Waterproof Footwear
Applying beeswax to leather shoes acts as a water repellent and will protect them from natural weathering. Beeswax will make your leather shoes last much longer.

6. Sticky Doors and Hinges
Everyone has one of those drawers that squeak and stick. Beeswax will cure that annoying drawer and will also take on noisy hardware on doors and hinges.

7. Barbecuing with beeswax
The most annoying task associated with barbecuing is keeping the grill clean. Whether you have an outdoor grill or an indoor stove top grill, coating your grill with beeswax before each use will make clean up a breeze.

8. Prevent Wood Splintering
When putting together furniture or doing any DIY project with wood, coating your screws and nails with beeswax will help prevent the wood from splintering.

9. Condition Wooden Surfaces
Combining food grade mineral oil with melted pure beeswax makes a superb wood conditioner. Use your homemade conditioner on tables, butcher blocks, wooden salad bowls, even spoons.