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All Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm honey is Pure, Local Texas, Unfiltered and Raw Honey – just the way nature intended! Since it is unfiltered, it retains all the pollen, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and beneficial enzymes. Since our natural honey is never heated (raw honey), all its natural enzymes remain intact, retaining the natural health-enhancing attributes that many look for in their wildflower honey in addition to great flavor. Heating honey over a certain amount (to Pasteurization temperature of 161°F) will kill its healthy enzymes, something we never do!

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Candle Connoisseurs Know: Pure Beeswax Candles are Best!

. . . and pure beeswax candles from Bee Wilde Bee & Honey Farm are best of the best! Beeswax candles have been the choice of candle connoisseurs through the ages, bringing a simple, natural elegance to all occasions. When you buy a Bee Wilde beeswax candle, you can trust that you are buying the cleanest possible beeswax from our colonies of bees. We only use beeswax that we have harvested in our candle production; we never buy wax from other sources. Our quality guarantee begins with control of the entire process, including the honey bees and nectar gathering. (read more below).

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